Taylor Electronic Designs  was established in 1970 to manufacture Audio-Visual equipment (Dissolves and Programmers for multi-image 35mm slide presentations) under the Taylor name. Taylor continued to manufacture Audio-Visual equipment  until the end of 1991 (21 years). In 1974 Taylor began manufacturing electronic instruments for a mining survey company located in Toronto until 1995.

Starting in 1980 and continuing until 1993 Taylor manufactured the electronics for many exhibits at the Ontario Science Centre. From 1986 to 1988 Taylor manufactured DRL's (Daytime running light modules) for the automotive parts aftermarket. Between 1995 and 2000 Taylor designed printed circuit boards for an Audio Amplifier manufacturer located in Woodbridge Ontario.

By the late seventies Taylor was established in the manufacture of test equipment for high voltage transformers and  electronic components. Taylor continued the manufacture of test equipment for the electronic manufacturing sector until 2012.

2012 to Present: Taylor Electronic Designs will be concentrating on providing training for the production of prototypes and expanding our courses in electronics.